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CAPEX vs. OPEX: A Detailed Guide for Indian Solar Customers

Updated: February 11, 2024
CAPEX vs. OPEX: A Detailed Guide for Indian Solar Customers

India, bathed in sunshine, holds immense potential for clean energy generation through solar power. But what's the best way to tap into this potential? Should you own your solar panels or lease them? This guide explores both options, empowering you to make an informed decision for your home or business.

CAPEX: Owning Your Solar Power Plant

Imagine buying a car – you invest upfront and reap the benefits for years to come. That's the essence of CAPEX. You own the entire solar system, with all its components and responsibilities. Here's a breakdown:


You'll need a larger initial investment to purchase and install the system. However:

  • Government subsidies: India offers attractive subsidies to significantly reduce your upfront cost. Check your state government for specific schemes.
  • Tax benefits: Enjoy accelerated depreciation on the system cost, lowering your taxable income.
  • Long-term savings: Once operational, you enjoy the generated electricity for 25+ years, potentially eliminating your electricity bills.


  • Complete control over your system: choose components, manage maintenance, and explore future grid-selling options.


  • Upfront cost: Requires a larger initial investment.
  • Maintenance: You're responsible for repairs and upkeep.
  • Installation: Manage the installation process, including permits and approvals.

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OPEX: Leasing Your Solar Power System

Similar to renting an apartment, a company installs and maintains the system, and you pay a fixed monthly fee for the electricity it generates. This offers a different set of advantages:

No upfront cost: Enjoy solar power benefits without a large initial investment, ideal for limited budgets.

Convenience: The company handles all maintenance and repairs, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your time.

Flexibility: Pay-as-you-go monthly fees offer budget predictability and avoid large upfront investments.

Lower risk: You don't worry about system performance or depreciation – that's the company's responsibility.


  • Lower long-term savings: Compared to owning, OPEX typically leads to lower long-term savings.
  • Limited control: Less control over the system's components and features.
  • Contractual limitations: Carefully review the lease agreement to understand any restrictions or limitations.

Which Model Suits You Best?

The ideal choice depends on your individual needs and priorities:

  • Budget: OPEX offers an easier entry point if upfront costs are a challenge.
  • Long-term savings: CAPEX might be more advantageous for maximizing long-term savings.
  • Convenience: OPEX eliminates maintenance hassles, while CAPEX requires self-management.
  • Control: CAPEX gives you complete control, while OPEX offers limited control.

Additional Factors:

  • Local subsidies: Explore specific subsidies available in your state to optimize your CAPEX investment.
  • Evolving OPEX options: The OPEX market is growing rapidly, offering competitive rates and attractive benefits. Research different providers and compare their offerings.
  • Expert advice: Consult with experienced solar professionals in your area for valuable insights based on your local context and needs.

Remember, both CAPEX and OPEX can lead to a brighter future powered by the sun. Choose the model that best aligns with your financial goals, risk tolerance, and desired level of involvement. Let's all contribute to a sustainable future, one solar panel at a time!

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Frequently Asked Questions (Click to expand)

The cost depends on your system size, location, and chosen components. However, government subsidies can significantly reduce the upfront cost..

OneStop.Solar will help you research and compare different companies to find the best fit for your needs..

Lease terms vary, so carefully review the contract length, monthly fees, and any limitations..

In Capex model, Net metering allows you to sell excess electricity..

Consider your budget, energy needs, roof suitability, and desired level of involvement (ownership vs. leasing)..

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